Important information for consumers, electricity suppliers, DSOs, TSOs on amendments to the Rules of the retail electricity market


On August 12, 2022, at an open meeting of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NEURC), NEURC Resolution No. 924 "On Approval of Amendments to the Rules of the Retail Electricity Market" (Resolution) was adopted, which was published on the official website on 15.08.2022 at the link:

This Resolution provides for a number of steps towards the consumer in terms of consumer protection, namely:

  • a simplified procedure for changing the electricity supplier is regulated, which will allow the consumer to switch to a new electricity supplier within 3 days instead of the statutory period of 21 days;
  • in order to provide household consumers with clear and correct information on charges for consumed electricity, electricity suppliers are obliged to indicate in their bills information on the initial and final readings of electricity metering devices, on the basis of which charges are made;
  • also, for consumers whose electrical installations have a small capacity of up to 0.1 kW, the relations on electricity supply have been simplified, namely, the organization of commercial metering and determination of consumption volumes without the installation of measuring equipment (meters) has been regulated.


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